How to Download

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Due to High Number of Downloads,uploading movies on torrents took alot of time and users were unable to download movies.Also,people don't seed after download,and we cannot upload all torrents at the same time.So from now on,we are uploading movies on,now users can download movies in 10-20 minutes!You need to download 2 Softwares:
1-Internet Download Manager
2-HJ Split
Internet Download Manager is the best downloader,it downloads at maximum speed.For a 4 mb connection,movies download at 480 kb/s!Download it below:
Download IDM+HJ Split Here!

In Internet Download Manager Folder,open the "IDMan" file and install the program.IDM will be installed but no registered.Now open Task Manager and make sure the program "IDMan" is closed so that it does not detect cracking.Now open "Patch" from the IDM Folder
Open the Patch Program and Click Patch.Make Sure that IDM is installed in correct directory i.e.Program Files in C Drive.It will automatically Patch.

Now IDM is registered.Open Internet Download Manager->Downloads->Options and make sure your internet browser is integrated with IDM.This will allow to download items automatically via IDM.
Now go to Movies on our site and view any Movie you want to download,at the bottom,there are movie parts.Open Part 1 in a new window,wait for 5 seconds and click "Skip Ad" will be opened.Click download and the Download File should be opened in IDM.

Click Start Download.Download all Movie Parts the same way.If the download open in your browser,copy the download link and put it in IDM
If your browser does not support copying download link,Download Firefox :)
No Join all the parts using HJ Split.Open HJ Split and click Join,make sure all the parts are in the same folder.
Click Input File and browse the first part of the Movie.It will find the rest automatically and you don't need to add them.Click Start.The Joining will take about a minute.Enjoy the Movie!
We are aware of all the hassle caused by this downloading movies in parts and joining them.But only allows filesize upto 200 mb.Please understand our problem.Without URL Shortening,we cannot generate any revenue so this site won't be alive.If you want to support us,please just click 1,2 Sponsor ads daily to keep the Site alive.Now that uploading problem has been solved,we will upload alot of movies daily so be sure to check it often.Thanks for supporting us.